Mar. 1st, 2017

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Got my jammies on, trying to warm up under the duvet. I know even little kids don't go to bed this early but I don't care.

Today I went to the gym for the first time in like two weeks (one off due to mental health, one due to physical health) and it sucked no more than it usually does.

Home, showered, then out again to submit my biometric data to the UK government, which I really wish I didn't have to do and which was made far more grim by ableism I'm too tired to explain.

Then I got thoroughly lost trying to get someplace I hadn't been before (but in the process a workman stopped a huge truck coming out of a building site so that I could cross in front of it, and when I did the reflexive "sorry!" for the perceived inconvenience I have Ben taught to believe I am causing, the man said "you're worth waiting for!" which surprised me with and helped dispel the effects of the ableism just previous).

Spent four hours putting stuff in envelopes. I suspect there will be lots more of this in my near future, with a by-election on my doorstep, but this is just routine stuff.

While I was doing that, [personal profile] mother_bones called and asked if I could come over to do some gardening for her. I was glad to. So I did some pulling of weeds and smelling the soil underneath, it was quite therapeutic really. Although as always with gardening I was surprised at how physical it was. A snack and tea revived me a little, but I still soon reached the point where I had to go home before I was too tired (and too unwilling to go out in the cold!). I only narrowly avoided having to live in their house forever.

I got home, just about managed to heat up leftover pizza and eat it, and when Andrew suggested I go to bed, pointing out I'd been out and busy for almost twelve hours, the only reason I could think of not to was that I'd hardly seen him all day. Or the dog, but I've taken the dog to bed with me to keep him from distracting Andrew while he works.


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