Aug. 25th, 2017

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Went to an open day at the university today, so I know a bit more about the course now.

Most of the classes I'll take in my first year are required, so that's fine. The only thing I still need to figure out is one semester worth of something (and sadly it had to be the first semester of this year and not the second which would give me more time to think about it).

My choices for that something are ridiculously wide-ranging. Like I could basically pick anything in the Faculty of Humanities. But I'm pretty sure I want to do a language.

But now: which language?! Do I want to do German because I already know I love it? Do I want to do something completely new like Japanese or Arabic because European languages are kinda boring? Do I want to do British Sign Language? I kinda do! But learning sign language might be weird/hard for a blind person?

I don't know! What language do I want to learn?


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