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Posted by Emily Conover

Qubit-based machines are gearing up to solve problems that are out of reach for even the most powerful supercomputers.
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requested by [archiveofourown.org profile] disenchanted

A little out of fashion (1639 words) by Lilliburlero
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Henry V - Shakespeare
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Fluellen/Gower (Henry V)
Characters: Fluellen (Henry V), Gower (Henry V)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Alternate Universe - Coffee Shops & Cafés, The Great Idfic Virus of Winter 2016/17
Summary: Privately, Tom Gower doesn’t think a flat white is actually a thing.

It began with this meme:

put a fanfic trope in my inbox
and I will tell you:
how likely I am to write it
what character(s) or pairing I’d most likely write it for

and [personal profile] naraht commented with ‘coffee shop AU’. Now, coffee shop AUs aren’t really my cuppa char. I’ve never worked in a café as such, but my flatmate was a barista and coffee shop manager for a number of years, and the stories he tells are a lot more like those in this post by havingbeenbreathedout​ than the cosy meet-cutes for which the fanfic trope is famous. Fairly low start-up costs and high profit margins made the business attractive to a certain sort of entrepreneur, viz. the sort who was prone to turn up at 11am having not slept for 72 hours and raid the till for two ton to score an eightball, and that’s where half the problems started. The other half started with customers who thought they were in a meet-cute coffee shop AU, oblivious to the fact that to the rest of the human race they looked like they were in a stalker/serial-killer AU. As the serial killer.

But this is not the gonzo coffee-shop AU suggested by havingbeenbreathedout​: it’s much more like the traditional idea of the trope. There is one pairing for which I can tolerate just about any amount of candyfloss, and it happens to be the one that ships two soldiers serving in an aggressively-prosecuted, destructive medieval landgrab campaign that was written up two hundred years later as an exploration and partial justification of some fairly murderous proto-imperialism, with a Comedy Welshman in a prominent role.

So, anyway, here goes )

One List to Rule them All

Jun. 29th, 2017 10:00 pm
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Was supposed to be writing about the entertaining evening last night with drinks and nibblies provided and the guest speaker Julia Gillard.

It really was the biggest John Curtin memorial lecture ever. Probably bigger than that inauguration ;)
But Oz politics has become just so tame lately since there's much bigger fish across the pond.

Observing the effect that the Ring of Power has on normal folks is fascinating, but watching what it does to a being who was already a nasty nihilistic narcissistic swamp creature (and the hordes of minions) is simply riveting

It's like Animal Farm meets Lord of the Rings

It's funny to find that an ancient antipodean serpent was long lurking and sniffing out tasty Twitter gossip months ago and only now is The Washington Post on the trail of the juiciest morsels of all

Signed up to the evil internet tax dodging #AmazonWashingtonPost a month ago at a bargain basement price but still barely getting around to digging in the vaults for the stinkiest corpses.

Amy is making a list and checking it twice

Sad to say that it is all naughty and no nice

Now it's TIME for some real FAKE NEWS.

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Posted by Ross Semple

Tales of the City, the TV miniseries about LGBT+ life in San Francisco, is coming back for a new run on Netflix.

The streaming giant are reportedly in talks for a ten-part continuation of the series. The first three novels in the series were previously adapted with stars Laura Linney and Parker Posey in key roles.

Laura Linney and Olympia Dukakis will reprise their roles from the original miniseries, which ran in three installments from 1993 to 2001, Deadline reports. Armistead Maupin, author of the Tales of the City book series, will be an executive producer on the continuation.

The book series is notable for its exploration of LGBT+ issues. It was one of the first literary works to address the HIV/AIDS crisis. The book series is comprised of nine novels so far, with the latest novel, The Days of Anna Madrigal, being released in 2014.

The original Tales of the City series ran on PBS and Showtime in the US, while Channel 4 carried it in the US.

Chck out a trailer for the original miniseries below:

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Posted by Joshua Haigh

Tom of Finland has unveiled its latest fashion campaign.

The famous brand’s homoerotic illustrations represents some of the most seminal artwork of late twentieth-century gay culture.

After venturing into clothing in recent years, the company has debuted their Spring/Summer campaign with model Terry Miller and it’s eye-catching to say the least.

Check out some images from the look-book below:

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There's a groundhog chilling on my deck.

!!!! @%%Q$%#*&^ Why are groundhogs

Mangy-looking R.O.U.S.


Ticks and fleas everywhere. This groundhog has stolen my chill. There is zero chill now.
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Unless the decision to be implemented in next season's schedule is someday reversed, yesterday's will be the last Wednesday subscription concert the San Francisco Symphony will ever give. The main floor looked pretty full, but only 4 of the 34 seats in my balcony box were occupied. I wonder if it will ever be that empty again?

It has a couple famous excerpts, the Love Scene and the Queen Mab Scherzo, but Berlioz' Roméo and Juliette is rarely heard in full. And now I know why: it's twice as long as the Symphonie fantastique, but except for those excerpts, it's less than half as good. The other instrumental passages at least certainly sounded like Berlioz, though lacking the Fantastique's brilliant imagination, but the two long choral movements, ugh. The texts are largely dull narrative, and the settings even duller, much of them in recitative style, and only occasionally reflecting what drama there is in the text.

The work is also poorly organized. Prokofiev made the death of Tybalt the most sizzling moment of his R&J ballet; Berlioz left it out. And I didn't know he has two Queen Mab scherzos, the instrumental one and a vocal one, a lot of attention for a character with only an evanescent referential appearance in the original play.

This goes on the "I heard it, I don't ever have to listen to it again" list.

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Jun. 29th, 2017 09:58 am
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Cordelia's appointment went fine yesterday. Scott was running late, so Cordelia and I ended up waiting about half an hour after the appointment for him to pick us up. Since we were there already, I made an appointment for Cordelia's physical. The logistics of that were challenging because it has to be August 4th or after due to insurance requirements. We need it to be before school starts, too, because the logistics of me retrieving Cordelia from Skyline are... difficult. August is the month when Cordelia's most busy, too. I wanted to get her in before camp, but that didn't work. We also won't be seeing her usual doctor. Cordelia said she didn't care about that.

We played Scott's Firefly game last night. I was beyond groggy and just really couldn't manage to engage. I ended up trying to write on my phone. I say 'trying' because Gdocs was so incredibly slow that I got frustrated. It could take twenty seconds to get a single word in.

I tried the c-PAP for about an hour and a half last night but didn't manage to fall asleep in spite of being exhausted. I ended up taking it off because my nose was hurting a lot. I think I forgot to take an Ativan the way I should have. Sadly, I didn't sleep at all well after that. I feel like I didn't sleep at all, but I think I dreamed-- bits and pieces about out of date phone numbers that I had to figure out in order to find a comfortable position to sleep in and to actually sleep. Right now, my plan is to get the things I absolutely have to do done and then go back to bed.

The cleaning lady comes this afternoon, but I really don't think I'll make it through that. I'll write a check for her and leave a note explaining that I'm trying to sleep. Cordelia has training for volunteering at the food bank this afternoon from 1:00 to 3:00. After that, she plans to go to the downtown library and, maybe, get some food downtown. I'll have to explain tipping to her, just in case she goes somewhere where that's appropriate. She and her friends plan to do a movie night tonight.

I have one story I want to finish by the 3rd (it's a treat, so it's not absolutely a drop dead date) and two stories I need to start. The latter two, I still have to decide what I'm going to write. They're both due much sooner than I expected, so I'm a bit stressed over them. I don't usually get those dates wrong. There's another treat I started that I think I'm abandoning because I've been stuck for several days. If I was juggling fewer stories, I'd probably keep at it, but I need those brain cells for other things right now.

Fortunately, my allergies seem to have subsided for now. I feel like I should knock wood when I say that.

Simply Smashing

Jun. 29th, 2017 01:00 pm
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Posted by Jen

This is a cake I posted back in 2009: 

"Because crime doesn't pay, kids."


And this one I posted in 2011:

"It's kind of a mix between 'shushing' and 'churning.'"


Well, today Deirdre M. sent me this cake:

Three wrecks of the exact same design, misspelled three different ways.



And to celebrate, I will now rehash a slightly dated meme for my own base amusements.

You're welcome.

 (Psst. Hey. You know you want to read this out loud.

Go on.  I won't judge. Much.)


Thanks to Jenn B., Mickie D., and Deirdre M.  for chursh... cursh...ah chrush...smashing crime.


Thank you for using our Amazon links to shop! USA, UK, Canada.

And from my other blog, Epbot:

So close no matter how far....

Jun. 29th, 2017 08:57 am
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Daily Toss for 06-29-2017. )

How Are You? (in Haiku)

Jun. 29th, 2017 09:40 am
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Pick a thing or two that sums up how you're doing today, this week, in general, and tell me about it in the 5-7-5 syllables of a haiku. I will leave anonymous comments screened unless otherwise asked; feel free to use this to leave private comments if that's what you're most comfortable with.


Signal-boosting much appreciated!
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Posted by Attitude Magazine


Before I Got Famous, a web series about LGBT+ life in Hollywood, is making its debut at Outfest later this summer.

When handsome 21-year-old Chinese man, Xingcheng You (Alex), leaves his small town in China with the dream to become a Hollywood movie star, he realizes two scary truths: he is not the only handsome man out there, and he is not the only one who dreams to become a movie star.

It is a comical inside look at the gay dating scene, acting as an Asian against race stereotypes, and general hilarity. The show pushes diversity, directly marketable to their demographic. With prevalent Asian themes throughout the show, we are sure that the Asian community will relate to this content on an emotional and cultural level, as well as the LGBT+ community.

Before I Got Famous’ goal is to challenge this simplistic portrayal of Asian men and women by showing the world that humans are much more than just labels. We want to show everyone that the human experience is universal, beyond gender, race or sexual nature.

Before I Got Famous wants to invite its viewers to laugh with us at the stereotypes and embrace the human complexity, diversity and fair representation. We support inclusiveness – let us show you why.

The ten-part series will be shown at the LGBT+ film festival Outfest on July 15. Click here for more information.

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Posted by Joshua Haigh

People are not happy with posters for this year’s London Pride.

The celebrations are set to kick off next weekend, and in the run-up to the big event organisers have unveiled a range of new posters.

Artwork made specially for the event stirred up controversy online today (June 29), with many people suggesting the images appear to make London Pride “all about straight people”.

One tag line reads: “I’m a straight man with gay pride,” while another poster says: “Homophobia is SO gay”.

Numerous commentators on social media slammed the designs, with many hitting back at Pride organisers for approving the tag lines that were used.

“The London pride’s catastrophic marketing campaign has me f*****d all the way up so I’m just gonna go back to bed until it’s fixed,” said one tweeter.

Following the backlash, organisers released a statement apologising for the posters, saying that a number of the slogans were “misjudged”.

“As part of our theme to celebrate Love Happens Here we asked people, whether LGBT+ or straight, to send their messages of love for Pride. We then asked some wonderful artists to turn some of these messages into a series of posters,” said the statement.

“It is clear we misjudged the content of some of the messages in this poster series, undermining the individuality, importance, and dignity of the LGBT+ community. This was never our intention, and we are genuinely sorry to have played any part in something that appears to devalue our own community, and have removed these four images from our campaign.

“London’s LGBT+ community is vibrant, diverse and strong, with incredible activists at its heart. Our ambition is, and always will be to promote and celebrate the visibility and diversity of London’s LGBT+ community, to stand up against hate, and campaign for true equality at home and abroad.

“This year has seen our largest ever LGBT+ campaign, taking our messages of love around the world, breaking new ground in the UK, launching new services to tackle hate crime and raising awareness of the persecution of LGBT+ people around the world.”

They continued: “We hope the breadth of our campaign, that celebrates the wonderful spectrum of LGBT+ life in London, is a more truthful reflection of our community.”

The Last Shot

Jun. 29th, 2017 08:25 am
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Posted by editors

How a Vivitrol, a little-known anti-addiction drug, became the mandatory treatment for opioid abuse in drug courts across the United States.

[Full Story]


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