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Having one of those "I'm not doing anything" days because I slept or lazed around all morning.

But since then I've
  • gone to WI craft group where I learned a whole new kind of craft (book folding)
  • a bit of Lib Demmery, including inviting a new Lib Dem to local #libdempint, passing on important e-mails to the people who can do things about them, and agreeing to go to a meeting in a few days
  • e-mailed Metrolink & Northern to try to set up a meeting about how inaccessible Manchester Victoria is (as leader of the VI Steering Group)
  • e-mailed the council guy and the RNIB about the taser thing
  • printed off stuff I need for my book
  • did an update (accidentally two updates) for my Kickstarter backers. The previous update hadn't worked (not surprising when these two nearly didn't either) so the poor fuckers hadn't heard from me since June!
  • ordered new printer ink when I didn't have enough to print off what I needed
I think I still have to convince myself it is okay not to go to yoga tonight. I keep forgetting I have a yoga mat of my own now so I might do a bit here but I think I am still too sinus-infected to go to the class I usually do.

Yoga class

Jan. 24th, 2017 12:08 am
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Here are the things I have learned from three weeks of yoga classes on a Monday evening:
  1. Bring a bottle of water next time. You meant to do that last week, and forgot until you got there and saw someone with one this week. You get more thirsty than you think.
  2. Don't wear the green leggings again. They're in danger of falling down.
  3. You really like yoga even though you worry it's taking an approach to life with a long, complex history and making it into appropriative exercise for white people.
  4. It is okay that you're the only person in the class who can't do a shoulder stand. It's okay that you could do one last week and not this week. You have been reassured that the version you can do (basically, a bridge up against a wall) is just as good. It would help if you believed this but it's something that you know is true and that this is what you'd say to anyone else in your (ha) position.
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So many things are bad right now, I need to remind myself of, and celebrate, the ones that are going well.

I've been to the gym three times in the last week.

I've just about kept up with dishes and laundry.

I did well enough at discharging my duties as VI Steering Group leader that I don't think anyone is disappointed in me yet and we have good, ambitious ideas for the future.

I re-connected with a volunteer at MOSI and have been nudged to get my volunteering there going again.

I've re-ordered my and Andrew's meds before they've run out. I've also made myself a doctor's appointment because I'm aware my mental health has taken a severe nose-dive in the last week.

I've been sort of capable of ignoring social media and reading books instead.

I got a present to my mom in time for her birthday that she really liked -- she said it brought a tear to her eye. I also made a present for [personal profile] mother_bones in time for her birthday and she said she really liked it too.

I've done some planning in hopes of being on the WI committee for next year, focusing on accessibility and member welfare.

I started a facebook group for white people who want to leverage privilege to help the world be less horrible but aren't sure how to do it.
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By which I mean "boring to people who aren't me," not "disagreed with"!

  • the "Habitable Zone"
  • whether Curiosity (Mars rover) singing "happy birthday" to itself is sad
  • everything that's wrong with this, since it's a tab I still have open and it irks me more every time I remember it
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By 12:30 this afternoon, I had...
  • gotten out of bed very early (around eight), feeling relatively rested (though my "relative" baselne here is not good right now)
  • did laundry and hung it outside (hooray for sunshine!)
  • walked the dog
  • remembered to take my meds
  • took recycling out, took bins out, and put them back when they were empty
  • wrote a little version of my "migrant story" for this website
  • texted a friend to make plans to get together this week
  • ordered a massive, overdue online grocery shop, which will be here tomorrow afternoon
  • typed up my shitty longhand notes from the LGBT+ Lib Dems conference I was at recently and sent them off
  • went with Andrew to a GP appointment
  • ordered new prescriptions for Andrew and I before we've even run out of the existing ones (though it'll be close, for me!)
  • ate reasonably well/appropriately
And yet I feel like I've done nothing, everything is overwhelming and crushing me.
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  1. It is possible for me to throw something in the "nah, pass it along to someone else" pile for no other reason than this looks far too much like something my ex-girlfriend wore. Seriously. If she were local, she'd be the person I offered that skirt to next.
  2. I personally disapprove of shapewear, both on philosophical grounds -- I've been a lot healthier and happier since I stopped believing that this shape for my body would be better than that one -- and practical grounds -- wearing stuff that squeezes my thighs and hips into a different shape fucking hurts -- but the shapewear of someone a little bit bigger than me? Makes perfect cycling shorts (or wear-under-dresses-that-might-make-my-legs-rub-together-too-much shorts) for me. I don't care if they do have lace at the bottoms of the legs; they're not underwear any more, they're totally shorts.***
* By informal I mean since I was helping them move anyway, [personal profile] mother_bones had a bunch of clothes I could take away, either hers or her boyfriend's wife's. I look forward to wearing something when I next see my family that they compliment me on (which they will, because these clothes look great) and asking me where I got it so I can say, "from my Platonic Wife's boyfriend's wife. Actual wife, in that case."

** By swap I mean I didn't offer any clothes, only take them away. Though having tried them all on this morning, I do have a bunch that I will pass along because they don't suit me.

*** Especially handy since I'm helping [personal profile] mother_bones et al. move to such a great distance away that I might start cycling there! People who I'm used to having within ten-minutes of walking distance will now be in ten minutes' cycling distance. I've been so spoiled having them so nearby...
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  • Wednesday/Thursday: two awful panic attacks two days running, that left me exhausted and miserable because they did their best to ruin every fun thing I was supposed to do
  • Over the weekend: some kind of flu-like thing so I was weak, achy, feverish, and being sick all night instead of sleeping, and again meant I missed something fun I wanted to go to
  • Since Tuesday night: Inexplicable but severe back pain, that again left me on the verge of throwing up in the middle of the night just because it hurt that much, and led to me spending a night in the spare room so I could try to find a comfortable position to lie in.
The back pain is still going on, but it's been progressively better the last couple of days.

Today I intend to relax and not have anything new happen to me. I think I've earned it.
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1. I'm bleeding near the food.
2. I'm still bleeding a lot.
3. Trying to unwrap the band-aid makes my finger (index of course) a bit oozy again.
4. One band-aid doesn't quite cover it (it's a fingertip, of course, a topological area notoriously poorly-served by two-dimensional band-aids).
5. I can't finish making dinner like this because I don't want it to start bleeding again.
6. I can't finish making dinner like this because it hurts like a bastard and I feel sorry for myself even as I feel stupid for the self-imposed injury.
7. I can't knit, because it asks way too much of that index fingertip.
8. I can't concentrate on reading or answering text messages or anything really because the pain is distracting.
9. I'm bored.
10. My fucking finger still really fucking hurts.
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1. There's a picture of an actual quick brown fox jumping over a lazy dog that, every time he sees it, makes Andrew really happy. He says it's because the fox and the dog both look so happy.

Human happiness may or may not make Andrew happy, but dog happiness almost always does.

2. He bought a bunch of fancy chocolate the other day. A lot of it's stuff he knows I don't like fruit in my chocolate, or salt, or milk) but one of them is mint dark chocolate. He keeps all the chocolate in the fridge, and I just noticed that the mint dark chocolate is underneath the punnet of mushrooms.

As if to say "this one's been claimed by Holly, for mushrooms are her weird food and nothing to do with me."
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1) Cooking with bell peppers

2) Vacuuming

3) Putting all the blankets on the bed and snuggling under them

A normal housewife would be expected to take advantage of such opportunities to have an affair or something similarly exciting. But that sounds like a lot of work. Think I'll go to sleep instead.
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So apparently Woody Guthrie's list of New Year's Resolutions for 1942 looked like this:

1. Work more and better
2. Work by a schedule
3. Wash teeth if any
4. Shave
5. Take bath
6. Eat good — fruit — vegetables — milk
7. Drink very scant if any
8. Write a song a day
9. Wear clean clothes — look good
10. Shine shoes
11. Change socks
12. Change bed cloths often
13. Read lots good books
14. Listen to radio a lot
15. Learn people better
16. Keep rancho clean
17. Dont get lonesome
18. Stay glad
19. Keep hoping machine running
20. Dream good
21. Bank all extra money
22. Save dough
23. Have company but dont waste time
24. Send Mary and kids money
25. Play and sing good
26. Dance better
27. Help win war — beat fascism
28. Love mama
29. Love papa
30. Love Pete
31. Love everybody
32. Make up your mind
33. Wake up and fight

It makes me glad I already like him so much, so I don't have to start liking him now; I'd have a lot of catching up to do.
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Today is Andrew's first day at his New Job! Hooray!

The idea is the new job will be better for him than the one that's been making him seriously ill with a panoply of stress-related illnesses for the last year or two.

But he was understandably nervous because it's his first day, and also because he's worried about not having flexitime any more, at least until he and the new job get used to each other, which he seems to need because of his sleep disorder.

So I thought I'd try to give him some reasons to feel good about being in work today:
  1. I just vacuumed the hallway. (I can't vacuum while Andrew is here because it sets off his asthma.) Later I might clean the bathroom. (Ditto.)
  2. He has taken over the desk of a Ukip supporter. (It'd be just like Eastleigh except Ukip never had a seat to lose.)
  3. That Guy across the street is endlessly, uselessly, revving his car again. The windows are vibrating. (This is the guy who once, when he was doing this, Andrew went across the street to politiely ask how much longer this was going to be becuase the fumes were making him sick. The guy responded by, a couple of days later, hollering through our window and banging on the door shouting because Andrew had woken up from a nap to answer the phone when he didn't have a shirt on. It was summer and Andrew's is surely not the first or worst bare chest the guy had seen; it was a clear if odd retaliation for Andrew putting up with only a couple of hours of stationary-car-revving before he making a polite request. The guy took it so far as to berate a man for being decently covered in his own home and saying "my kid has to look at that!"; the poor kid being dragged out specially to make the point, stood there silent and gormless.)

Hope that helps.
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So the list of things that make me run into things/knock stuff over in a screwball-comedy type manner is now
  1. The Moon
  2. tractors
  3. women wearing patterned tights
I'm okay with that.
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  • Coming out, and reactions to it that are worse than you think.
  • Britishness, Englishness and the Life in the UK test.
  • How to be a worthwhile human even when you're not being "productive"
    • especially "...in gainful employment"
Too tired, though.   Too goddam tired, all the time.


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