May. 11th, 2017

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I feel like I've done nothing today (though I've swapped over my winter and summer clothes, which means two trips up the rickety ladder to the loft while carrying a bag of clothes, and I've applied for a job) so here are some Facebook comments that made my day when I was up in the middle of the night when I shouldn't have been.

First, I'd shared a name that said "Tell me what you associate with me. Colors, songs, aesthetics, people, anything." Got some fun answers, but the best is
Screenshot of a comment saying Plus! I always picture you with a rainbow flag backdrop as if you have one permanently attached like a cape (rather than it just normally being behind you because you're on the stall).
Another person said they associated me with the Biphoria shall st Pride (somewhere that, shamefully, I don't remember seeing them at all! But I'm terrible at recognizing faces) so I guess this is just what I do: sit at tables and hand out leaflets and I'm cool with that since I really enjoy it!

(It wasn't all worthy stuff. I also got two compliments on my hair, which really baffled me because I hate my hair right now. I had a dream the other night about getting it all cut to be about a millimeter long and in the dream I could see a picture being taken of me like this and I was so happy and it looked so good and when I woke up and discovered none of that was real I was so disappointed!)

The next nice Facebook comment I had was on a different person's wall where the last thing I was expecting was to be told nice things. I was actually there to tell her a nice thing: she was feeling apprehensive about her appearance in a photo and I told her the truth and she said...
A comment from me saying You are great and your hair is great and your necklace is great and even if you didn't look great you'd still be great. She replies, Holly, if there is a teeny version of you I can keep in my pocket I will have 5 of them please.


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