May. 12th, 2017

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My mom spent $22 mailing me something I both asked and then told her not to. I thought I'd gotten it through to her.

The nice thing about my culture is that in the e-mail saying "thanks, they arrived" I can also say you really shouldn't have. (I perfected this kind of truth-telling when it wouldn't be treated as such, when I was a teenager.)

But I guess the bad thing is that when I said "oh please don't, I'd really rather nothing or something else instead" in the first place, my family think I'm just being polite and ignore me.

I know they want to do nice things and they don't get to spend money on us very easily because they don't live nearby. And I try to appreciate the good intentions of the thing. But it's tiring doing that, and it'd be easier if I could get them to understand that the things I value aren't things that carry a high value to them so seem like stupid things to send (wild rice, maple syrup, ranch dressing mix...).

Whereas they really like sweets, so they think it makes sense to send me Girl Scout cookies. I'm just thankful that my mom didn't part with any of her Thin Mints this year! She did that once and I'm so indifferent to them while she loves those things so much, I couldn't bear to think I'd taken them from her.

I think last time I gave them to Simon; I'm sure I have some friends who'd like Girl Scout cookies. So at least they'll bring someone some joy.


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