Mar. 5th, 2019

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I never did hear of the old one being found but I was able to get a new one from the sensory team and it's better!

My first thought when I picked it up was this seems lighter! I don't know what either the old one or the new one is made of, but continued use (carrying it when it was folded, and especially going up stairs where the technique I was taught is to hold it up and above you a bit so it hits the stair above the one you're standing on until there aren't any more because you've reached the end) has confirmed that it definitely feels a little ligther than I'm used to. That's awesome because it makes it more responsive.

I've got a better tip too, one I've been meaning to try but had always been given another one -- which was okay and free so I never complained, but. This is probably the one I see on the most other people's canes (yes I check out other people's white canes!), it's particularly advertised for "road obstacles" and "pavement cracks" and where I live there are millions of both of those things. I'm happy with it, though it takes a little getting used to because though I know the manufacturers do their best to make them lightweight, it is bigger so it's a little heavier. Combined with a slightly lighter cane, it feels a little like I'm flinging a stocking with an orange in the toe, but I'm sure I'll get used to it soon, and I do really like the tip. (But they're al great at first; I'm interested to see how it'll work as it wears down.)

And this cane folds up smaller! It's the same length as the old one (this is determined by the height of the person using it and sadly I haven't gotten any taller) but that folded up into four sections whereas this one is six.

This is a big deal because it's always determined the kind of bags I can use. My current little one has a hole in it and I was telling Andrew I have to go shopping but don't have the spoons for it. He offered to look for something for me on Amazon and I said I really do need to go shopping; I need to see if/how my cane will fit, because left to my own devices I'd have a smaller bag but I need something that'll fit it when I'm not using it.

The old cane just barely fit into my current bag and I think contributed to the hole it now has in it. If it had fit better, I may have put the cane Away instead of just putting it Down yesterday.

I took a couple pictures, saying "I was so excited I took pictures of the tip and how small it is folded up, even though these probably won't mean much to anyone who doesn't know what the old one was like," haha.

At least, in the unimaginable future where I get one better than this, I will have these as comparison shots.


hollymath: Selfie: white person, three-quarter profile, smiling, brown hair shaved on the side we can see, chin-length on the other (Default)

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