Mar. 7th, 2019

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I was terrified of sleeping in today so slept lightly. Which is good because the thing I woke up to was a teeny little beep that reminded me of my meeting with my DSA study mentor, which instead of being after my Friday seminar was before my Thursday seminar this week. I had totally forgotten about it. The meeting was due to start at the time I'd set my alarm for today. (And since I already missed one such meeting, after another less-than-24-hours'-notice absence, DSA could take away the support altogether. Becasue if there's one thing that says "good support for disabled people," it's withdrawing support after two absences!)

Got through that, though I like having it after uni better: it's an exhuasting way to start the day. And it made me late for my seminar. Being ten minutes behind everyone else in figuring out the spreadsheet wasn't the a fun feeling (though the tutor is great and not only very helpful but unobtrusively helpful) but I was caught up by the end of the hour. It was easy to do encode all my transcription because I'd only managed to do 20% of the transcription so far.

I went straight from uni, eating a sandwich on the bus, to work. I am a PA for a person whose partner is also disabled and had a DWP assessment today. Both of them are exhausted and traumatized by medical bureaucracy lately so when they were looking for someone to go with them, I'd offered. I'm glad I could do it, but even at secondhand those assesments are damn stressful and this one took two and a half hours, after a long wait. It was only about as terrible as these things always are.

I got them home, made them a cup of tea, ran for a bus...that didn't show. Started walking, then the bus zooms by like 20 minutes late of course. I got upset at that, and I was dead on my feet with exhaustion by this point, which probably contributed to me making some weird decisions and I ended up pretty miserable, in the dark, further from home than I'd thought but also having walked as far as I could, and also the 171 that should've appeared had also failed me. The bus ride home from work is about 10 minutes but an hour after I left I still was standing in the dark. I did get a bus home eventually, but I was so anxious and tired by that point that it took an hour to calm down enough to make the dinner I had necessitated by refusing takeaway. (I had halloumi and salad and it was amazing, so that's something considering how recently I'd been convicned I couldn't eat.)

And I found out the group project I half-assedly contributed to a draft of a few days ago? The group wants to submit it tonight. I need to clean up my bibliography and tell them my student number and even that seems beyond me, much less actually contributing anything more. The three of them spent all afternoon working on it and didn't tell me about it until they were. I knew it'd be shitty to miss that class yesterday. I worried about group work involving people who just ghost and leave everyone else to pick up the slack, and it turns out that person is me. Fuck.

All of which is to say that tonight my linguist hero, Lynne Murphy who's an American living in the UK whose blog and Twitter I've followed forever, who along with the hosts of Lingthusiasm was the inspiration for me doing this linguistics degree, is doing the launch of the UK paperback of my new favorite book (I got the U.S. paperback for Christmas), about American and British English. And it's in Leeds, which is close enough to seriously consider but probably far enough away to be a bad idea even before I knew about the extra work I'd be doing today. I have a 9am seminar tomorrow. That, even without being out tonight, I am utterly unprepared for. And I have to go to Leeds tomorrow anyway (for some kind of play based on Beowulf I guess?) I knew I couldn't do both of those! Damn you Leeds and your lit festival with so many things suited to my tastes!

But I love Lynne Murphy's book The Prodigal Tongue so much, and I love her in that way you love people you hear on Radio 4 or follow on Twitter, and I'm still sad not to be there.


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