Mar. 8th, 2019

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1. Are we losing the art of listening?
Who's "we" and what does this mean? I am suspicious. It sounds like something an old white man would say when his emotional labor isn't getting done as invisibly as before.

I think "the art of listening," if it means anything at all, is something I expect and offer to my loved ones all the time. I am part of lots of conversations about feelings, mental illness, ugly stuff sometimes, in environments of care and concern. I try to remember the important things people tell me and they often remember what I've told them.

2. Have you ever interacted with the police?
Wow this seems like a question that could be very triggery and could get very different kinds of answers from people based on their race and disability status and stuff! I do like my Friday Fives to be a little safer for everyone. But anyway I only have very white-person answers here:

Twice after we'd been burgled. They were horrible to me one time (I heard the dispatcher tell them over the radio that I had depression so to be kind to me, and the one who'd been told this just looked at me and said I didn't look like I did (evne though I was still wearing a top that had sick on it, from the side effects of my first SSRI which I'd started if not that day then no more than a few days previous) but they were pretty nice to us the second time.

That time I called them to tell them my stolen bike had been spotted around the corner, along with a ton of other bikes, in a chop shop in somebody's front yard (I do live in a classy neighborhood don't I) when they said they wouldn't do anything because I didn't have the crime number -- I was out of my house and this was before smartphones, so I thought it was unreasonable to expect me to have it. I tried reporting the swapping of parts on clearly stolen bikes as its own crime but didn't get anywhere.

3. Do you like being alone?
No. The anxiety disorder has tempered the extroverted child/teenager I was, to some degree, but being around the right people is so much better than being around no people. Being around the other people or too many people can be so draining, though.

4. Who would you share your passwords with?
Andrew, probably. We share them for things like Netflix and the bank account anyway (though I usually make him do online stuff because I'm too lazy to remember them properly).

5. What are you grateful for today?
My group's essay got handed in on time, despite me only writing 5% of the words. I couldn't sleep last night for stressing that they'd hate me and the second half of the semester working with the same group would be miserable, but I messaged them to apologize this morning and one wrote back that it was okay and they hadn't communicated their plans for working on it very well and they want to get better at communicating and meeting up more often for the second half of the project.

It was a huge relief, so much so that I'm crashing hard now from all the stress trying to leave my body.


hollymath: Selfie: white person, three-quarter profile, smiling, brown hair shaved on the side we can see, chin-length on the other (Default)

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