Just One Thing (25 April 2019)

Apr. 25th, 2019 08:52 am
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It's challenge time!

Comment with Just One Thing you've accomplished in the last 24 hours or so. It doesn't have to be a hard thing, or even a thing that you think is particularly awesome. Just a thing that you did.

Feel free to share more than one thing if you're feeling particularly accomplished!

Extra credit: find someone in the comments and give them props for what they achieved!

Nothing is too big, too small, too strange or too cryptic. And in case you'd rather do this in private, anonymous comments are screened. I will only unscreen if you ask me to.

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The Magicians had a fourth season finale a little while ago. You can still see the fires burning over in that corner of fandom, and for good reason. I'm going to be linking to pieces written about the finale that do a far better job of summarizing what happened and what went terribly wrong with that idea. Those pieces, and my summaries and commentaries of them, have content warnings for suicidal ideation, completed suicide, and mental illness at the very least, so this may be something to avoid if you have seen enough, or you do not want to engage. The rest of this post is going under cut.

The Fourth Season Finale of The Magicians, and why we could have seen it coming, thanks to Joss Whedon. )

Today was beautiful

Apr. 30th, 2019 11:42 pm
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Just lovely!

But I probably should not have celebrated the arrival of good weather by going to the bookstore....


Read more... )

Soooooo I really am a bit sedentary

Apr. 24th, 2019 03:26 am
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Well, sedentary with long walks because I'd always rather walk than take the bus, but still.

On the one hand, I want to exercise more for general health reasons. I don't want to end up old and find out that immobility has snuck up on me, nor do I want to discover that it's really true that being inactive increases your risk of dementia. (It's all well and good for me to assert that dementia doesn't run in my family, but that only works if I ignore my father's mother. Which I mostly do, but still. Probably I should stop doing that.)

On the other hand, I don't want to exacerbate existing joint issues, which would really suck and probably not help my old age mobility at all, especially not if that's connected to arthritis. In the past month my mother has mentioned off-hand an alarming number of relatives who were severely restricted due to arthritis at rather young ages - and that's only counting the ones who developed it in adulthood! There's at least one cousin of hers or her mother's who was apparently "totally crippled" before puberty. She can preen all she likes about how that gene seems to have skipped her, I see my sister increasingly worried and yet dodging the thought that she might already be developing arthritis. She's not even 40 yet! (She ought to go to a doctor. I think we all know that neither funds nor time is really the reason she hasn't.)

So clearly the thing to do is find some 15 or 20 minute daily exercise routine that's reasonably high intensity but isn't going to screw up my joints, at least, not more than they already are. Preferably something that can be done by somebody with no real coordination - I can't jump rope, I can't ride bikes, every day I nearly trip over my own two feet/my pants/the dogs and break my glasses.

Maybe I should just buy myself an exercise bike. When I don't need to balance, I am very unlikely to fall down. I'm not worried about myself so much as my poor glasses.

83F - 59F : Sunny

Apr. 24th, 2019 09:02 pm
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I couldn't sleep last night, but I really wanted to sleep so I stayed in bed. Kevin woke me up when he got up for work at 7, so I wound up getting 1 hour of sleep. I fell back asleep. When my alarm went off at 12 it was painful. I stood up, and... fell down. I pushed myself back up on the bed, and tentatively tried putting weight on my left leg again, and if I hadn't had most of my weight on my arms already, I would have fallen again. I shuffled my weight onto my right leg, and did not fall but literally wound up screaming out in pain. I have no idea what I did to my hips, but it isn't good. I called my therapist and told him I couldn't walk through his parking lot, and then went back to sleep. Kevin called at 4 but it failed to get me out of bed. He came home at 5:30, which did wake me up.

Because I have no brain, I stood up from bed. This time I didn't fall, and didn't scream, but every step gets a whimper. I shuffled stiffly into my office where Jack tried to jump up with me and give me kissies. I kind of alternated between reading lj and dw and trying to go back to sleep in my chair. Kevin kept demanding that I get up and do things and I really wanted to snap at him that I don't ask him to do shit on high pain days, and where the fuck does he get off demanding I move around on the one high pain day I've had this year. Slowly I realized that walking is less painful than standing, however, and while I was in the kitchen to let the dogs into the yard, I made myself a bagel. I ate that and finished off the granola bites I had bought last weekend, and called it dinner.

I read the 4 books I read on Wednesdays, and then did the habitica tasks that don't require standing or using my hips (which honestly isn't many of them). I decided not to go to the SCA meeting because it was a class called "bycockets part 2" and I don't know what a bycocket is, and I missed part 1 whenever that was. Rather than hold the class up while she caught me up, or just not understanding what was going on, I opted to stay home. My hips still weren't feeling up to standing for a long period, which always happens at these things, anyway. So I just stayed home.

I have somehow tagged Aaron on here almost half as many times as Jack, despite the fact that I've had Jack for 11 years and Aaron for only 3. I usually only tag them if they do something cute or if I have to take them to the vet. I suspect this comes from all the vet visits for Aarons UTIs? Though I'm pretty sure that Jack has hurt his legs more often than Aaron had UTIs.

At this point, my hips don't hurt anymore, so I'm hopeful I can get to fighter practice tomorrow evening if they don't flare up overnight again. Maybe that's a bad idea, though. But since the writers don't seem to write anymore, I'm not sure what else to do with my Thursdays. if I do the thing, I need to buy gas. I went to buy gas yesterday, and all of the machines had a card in the credit card slot that said "cash only" - I'm certainly not about to either try to guess what my gas will cost ahead of time nor spend my cash on gas because they can't get their shit together to allow me to pay with a credit card. There are plenty of other gas stations around, and they should be punished financially for not having their shit together. I've been thinking I shouldn't go to that station anyway because one of their pumps doesn't allow you to set it and stop holding it the entire time you're pumping, and I never remember which one it is so I often end up at it. lol. I just realized that I drove off and left my gas cap off. Fortunately it was still attached when I got out there.

One of the founding members of our barony, Duke John the Mad Celt, found out yesterday he has cancer, and today they did surgery. It was fairly major surgery, and he's still going to be in the hospital for a few days, and then we'll see what's going on about chemo and all those other cancer treatments out there. The speed they're moving with makes me think things are bad.

Watching: Greta

Apr. 24th, 2019 08:58 pm
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Neil Jordan's new film, Greta, is a classic stalker thriller. Chloë Grace Moretz stars as Frances, a Bostonian innocent in New York City whose well-meaning act of returning a bag found on the subway to its owner ("In New York, if you find a bag you call the bomb squad!" chides her more worldly-wise flatmate) lets her in for more than she bargains for as Isabelle Huppert's Greta proves not to be the delighful new friend she appears to be. Nothing in the plot is really going to come as a surprise to anyone with even a passing familiarity with the stalker genre, and the jumps are all well-signposted by music and atmosphere, but they're jumpy nonetheless, and while if I'm honest it tended a bit too much towards horror for me it was entertaining enough (and probably better than the alternative, Red Joan, which I suspect would be rather formulaic and which reviews suggest suffers from Not Enough Judi Dench).
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I'll be honest: Some part of me feels really awkward trying to get back into the hang of regular posting after the last few posts, for whatever reason. But I feel like that is the way back to the land of "one update every month or two, maybe", which I don't want to do, so here I am. My computer, and specifically the work site, is being ridiculously difficult to deal with today. Right now I'm giving it ten minutes to see if it stops freezing if I give it time, so let's see if I can pull out an update.

Things are settling down around here again. Bast's mom goes home Friday, and things will settle even more then, I think. May is supposed to be busy all over the place, but with good things, so we'll see? I'm not 100% sure all the things are still even happening, so who knows.

I am back on youtube while I work this week apparently, and it's reminding me that I really do, alongside the million fic rec posts I mean to make, mean to make video rec/link posts at some point, too. I'm so bad at actually sharing things for how much I love to rec shit to people. I am not starting that now, because made of tired, but maybe later this week, who knows. (Probably not. But maybe next week?)

Uhhh. Other than that I got nothing, honestly. I thought maybe I did, but not so much as it turns out. So back to work I wander.

♥♥♥ to all of you.
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Unbound: Transgender Men and the Remaking of Identity by Arlene Stein (Author)

four of four stars

print, ebook

Appreciated this book, aimed at cis folks like me. review and long quote )

(no subject)

Apr. 24th, 2019 06:39 pm
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I don't post here much, but I do still read my reading page every day. But I thought some of you might want to know about the new social media accounts for my podcast, A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs (and if you don't yet know about the podcast, check out http://500songs.com to hear (so far) me talking for fifteen hours straight about music from 1938 through 1955). twitter.com/500SongsPodcast is the Twitter account for the podcast, while https://www.facebook.com/rockmusicin500songs is the Facebook page. [personal profile] hollymath is running the Facebook, as I deleted my FB account a couple of years ago, as FB's whole interface and system seems designed to cause me social anxiety and raise my blood pressure, but she'll tell me anything people post there and stuff.
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This post can be excluded with a paid account. Remove the tag "political links" from what you would like to see, and it will never darken your space again. (Unless I forget to apply the tag.)

Brexit and the Muller Report, mostly )

There will be more. There will always be more.

The times roll by - March-April 02019

Apr. 24th, 2019 07:19 am
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Good morning! Let's get started with pictures of a black hole. Using a telescope array and supercomputers to piece the data together, we have a picture of the black hole and the surrounding area.

(We also have the metaphorical black hole of the concentrated harrassment campaign against one of the visible faces of the project because she's a women and a bunch of men believe that women should never be in science at all.)

Secondly, a high school in New Jersey adapted the film Alien as a stage production and created everything they needed for it out of recycled materials. The few clips linked in the Mary Sue article show excellent production values, set design, costuming (have a look at the Xenomorph they created!), and acting. That's awesome.

The AO3 Hugo, Pillowfort's Future, and a lot more! )

Last for tonight, a gentle reminder - petrol is not an effective infield-drying agent, as much as people might want it to be, and as much as it sounds like it might be some sort of effective method to spread it and light it on fire to draw the moisture out.

Championship level tag - use parkour equipment in a confined space, and see if you can last 20 seconds without being tagged. It's harder than it sounds.

Also, turning candies and peeps into sushi-like creations. Mostly by taking the heads off Peeps, but there are other things to do with the decapitated marshmallow puffs.

(Okay, one last thing, no really - A Pole Sport Organization where a Deadpool takes to the art of the pole [Video, Youtube].

(no subject)

Apr. 24th, 2019 08:52 am
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 I'm helping with another work meeting today, which is actually just handling lunch stuff. Then this afternoon, I'm heading north to check traps and look at some grapes if I have time. I'm trying to crunch everything that was supposed to happen tomorrow into today if I can. 

My mouth still hurts from the dentist on monday, but just around the one wisdom tooth where the hygenist said the gum is like cheek tissue rather than gum tissue. Unless I'm getting sick and it's actually a sore throat. Who knows! 

Laser scarecrow part is being shipped. 

I'm heading to PA tomorrow morning because I'm tired and I don't think I'll have time to pack up and drive down tonight. 

Apparently when I get stressed out, I make stuff because I've baked a ton in the past few days. I also picked back up playing stardew valley when I was bored last night. I'm still working on not sitting and refreshing social media. 

I made pastry cream last night and I ate it for second breakfast so that's good. 

Higher education is broken

Apr. 24th, 2019 07:16 am
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If you want to see what I mean when I say higher education is broken, go read "Death of an Adjunct" from The Atlantic.

If I hadn't met A. and then married and had kids young, that could have been me.  Having set myself upon a course, I would have done anything, sacrificed anything, to get there.  But once I had other people depending on me, it forced me to have some sort of work-life balance.  A lot of things that I might have done if it was just me were off the table once there were other people involved.
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Remember I told you how K-pop was more into seasonal songs than American pop?  Well, it's still spring, so we're still getting spring songs.  As far as I'm concerned, this is the spring song of this year.

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Tuesdays are always a busy day in our household, and today was no exception.

Jack goes to a 'men's group' called The Dusty Shed. It's a men's over 50's group and they do practical things like woodworking, metalworking, electronics, burning fingers with solder, model making. He's been going for a couple of months and I know he really enjoys connecting with other men his age.

Lucy goes to a schizophrenia group, it's not a therapy thing but a 'self-help' group - sometimes they talk, sometimes they do social activities like bowling... note to self, this is changing to a Monday in May at a later time and a different location, you need to update the calendar.

I go to a bereavement group - it's nice to be able to talk to other people going through the same thing as you, to realise that what you're feeling is perfectly normal. It also helps to not feel like I'm offloading everything on Jack or Lucy. A bit like Lucy's group - it's everything from coffee and cake and someone to talk to, and sometimes we go walking or bowling.

I tried to continue yesterdays theme of saying positive things to people, and one of the younger girls in the group had cut her hair very short and dyed it a beautiful emerald green colour. I told her how nice it looked, how the cut really framed her face and she lit up - she actually started crying and hugged me, and of course, that made me cry.

We talked a lot about strengths and weaknesses, and I found it interesting how we could all really easily identify what we thought were our weaknesses but struggled with our strengths. I don't know how much of this is bereavement/depression vs social conditioning that, especially as a woman, we're told that we shouldn't be strong and celebrate ourselves. Fuck that. I'm organised, I'm efficient, I'm an analytical thinker and a creative problem solver. Jack just looked over my shoulder, read what I'm writing and says I'm a damn good kisser. I'm passionate, caring and easily excited.

I then spent the afternoon helping Jack finally set up the tablet I got him for Christmas - playing around in the app store, finding new things for him to play with. He's also updated his dreamwidth ([personal profile] jackjanderson) for the first time this year and is slowly working his way through his long-abandoned email account. He's got it down from something like 1100 to under 500. I'm hoping he's going to get back into blogging - not for me to read (though I do) but because I know he was enjoying connecting with people online. Like I said earlier, he's a social creature, my husband.

We're now all curled up on the couch - cats included - and watched some Doctor Who on Netflix. I'm pretty exhausted, mentally and emotionally, so I'm thinking I'm going to head to an early bed.

A week without complaining
This is going well. I am so pleased that I have been able to pull my head in, and focus on just getting on with stuff... and not complaining. What does it achieve? So far, so good - and I'm more than halfway through.

Just One Thing (24 April 2019)

Apr. 24th, 2019 08:18 am
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It's challenge time!

Comment with Just One Thing you've accomplished in the last 24 hours or so. It doesn't have to be a hard thing, or even a thing that you think is particularly awesome. Just a thing that you did.

Feel free to share more than one thing if you're feeling particularly accomplished!

Extra credit: find someone in the comments and give them props for what they achieved!

Nothing is too big, too small, too strange or too cryptic. And in case you'd rather do this in private, anonymous comments are screened. I will only unscreen if you ask me to.


Lucy Mangan reads Antonia Forest

Apr. 24th, 2019 07:43 am
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From Bookworm, by Lucy Mangan. She loves Forest's school stories; the enthusiasm and delight is such that I'm going to have to acquire and read for myself.
End of Term (and Autumn Term, The Cricket Term and Attic Term, which I would discover in due course) are technically school stories. They are set at Kingscote boarding school and the events the twins (Lawrie and Nicola) and their sisters take part in there include many of the standards: being unfairly left out of teams, getting (and not getting) parts in the school play, negotiating friendships, shifting loyalties and small treacheries. But there are no high dramas - no gorse-anchored clifftop rescues, no hidden heirlooms, no near-drownings, no mysterious figures who turn out to be long-lost uncles or overzealous guardians. Boarding-school-story conventions are in fact often lightly mocked. At one point, for example, Tim (real name Thalia - 'A muse or something, Mother would have it, though Father did his best') likens Nicola to a character being 'very, very competent and awfully, awfully keen'. Kingscote is not an idyll. Its pupils are not perfect and neither - more shockingly - are its teachers, whom the pupils see at all times with clear rather than ennobling/idolising eyes. Rowan, one of the Lawrie and Nicola's older sisters, describes her relationship with headmistress Miss Keith as 'delicately balanced on a razor-edge of mutual toleration'. A wonderful phrase that I took instantly to my heart and have used many times in life since, and it encapsulated what I was most drawn to about the characters and the writer - the cool command they shared, the slight sense of detachment from life in order to keep perspective on it. It was like a bracing plunge after the close, sweaty sauna of more traditional school stories. You emerged from a Forest novel - and I instinctively reach for that word rather than book or story because everything was as finely and accurately drawn as in any fiction for adults - as braced as you had been entertained. My mind felt keener and sharper after every reading. Maybe it even was.


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