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It's Lib Dem internal party election time!

In previous years, [personal profile] miss_s_b compiled a list of questions for candidates and published the answers of everyone who replied. This year, since she's standing for one of the positions she didn't think it'd be fair to continue to do this, so I'm taking over.

Here's the link to the form in which you can answer the questions.

Here's who has answered the questions:
Sarah Noble from West Yorkshire, standing for FPC.
Joe Otten from Sheffield, standing for FCC
Jennie Rigg from Calderdale, standing for FCC.
Mary Reid from Kingston, standing for FCC.
Geoff Payne from Harpenden, standing for FCC.
Zoe O'Connell from Cambridge, standing for FCC.
Alex Hegenbarth from Cheltenham, standing for Federal Board.
Gordon Lishman from Burnley, standing for Federal Board and FPC.
Caron Lindsay from LIvingston, standing for Federal Board.
Joshua Dixon from Haringey, standing for Federal Board.
Jeremy Hargreaves from London, standing for FPC
Nigel Ashton from Southport, standing for Federal Board.
Nicholas da Costa from Haringey, standing for FCC.
Duncan Brack from Streatham, standing for FPC.
Jonathan Brown from Chichester, standing for International Relations Committee.
Candy Piercy from Aylesbury, standing for Federal Board.
Mark Pack from Islington, standing for Federal Board.
Alice Thomas from Leytonstone, standing for Federal Board.
David Weston from Watford, standing for FPC.
Jay Dias from Twickenham, standing for FPC

Here are the questions, if the form doesn't work for you or if you'd like to see them all before you answer. )


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