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The OCRing of my phonology textbook leaves so much to be desired. I knew it'd be bad at the IPA symbols, but sometimes it's just bad.

One section of this chapter is called "Coronal" (which is a feature of how some speech sounds are made). The screenreader has called it "Corona!" so now the section looks like the name of the musical about itself.

(I've just run into another section called Opacity and Strata! (Yes this does mean stratal is a word; I remember what a challenge that was to decipher in my lecturer's unusual accent when he mentioned it in class.))


Apr. 7th, 2019 09:58 pm
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I went to work, I had a nap. It's been very Sunday.

I haven't felt bad about taking the weekend off but tomorrow I have to start thinking about stuff again. I have an essay that wasn't assigned until this week and is due at the end of Easter break, what a dick move. Also I want to catch up on all my reading I haven't been able to do this semester: I'd call it exam revision but it can hardly be "re-" anything if I haven't done it in the first place. And the group project report will need some work over the break.


Apr. 4th, 2019 11:10 pm
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I did the job interview (I wore my hair down painted my nails and put on perfume and jewelry and everything!). I was told I'd hear by the end of the day but I didn't so I guess that means No. No surprise there: the interview wasn't bad but it was very quick and felt kind of odd. I think my answers were too vague and they were happy to leave me hanging.

I spent almost three hours this evening waiting for another member of my multilingualism group and then walking around in the icy rain. Asking strangers awkward questions is not a lot of fun but we got great answers from people working in two different restaurants. So I think we finally have enough data, we just need to write it up. The rest of my group are away for the Easter break so I don't expect much of them then but the report is due soon after we get back so that should be interesting.

The rest of the day has just been spent stressing about the spreadsheet-y project. The more work I do, the further I feel from having something I can hand in. I've been struggling so much with managing the data in Excel that I don't know how to analyze it. This already is my extended disability deadline or I'd be asking for one. It has to be done tomorrow morning. I don't know how much sleep I'll get tonight; I got about five hours last night worrying about all the stress of today so I would've gone to bed hours ago if not for this.

At least I finally got some birth control pills today, so that's something!
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"And you flap?" he asked me, which sounds like a personal question but it was just my phonlogy lecturer checking whether something would in fact be a minimal pair for me. #LinguisticsLyfe, right?

Since it was a minimal pair for me (two words that only differ in a single feature), I got to be an example of Canadian Raising for my class. Not bad for a Minnesotan!

When I said the two words, my class laughed gently and the lecturer grinned and asked me to do it a few more times so I guess my suspicions about whether this is part of my accent have been confirmed.
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A lot of you know I've had massive trouble with being given inaccessible reading to do for uni. This has been a problem since I started, and trying to ask my disability advisor about it last year got me nowhere (she treated it like a problem of individual lecturers rather than something utterly systemic, and she never really got back to me about it anyway).

This year I've got a new disability advisor, and I finally got around to asking her the same question the other day: what am I supposed to do when this happens? She replied "You were given $software which is supposed to handlethat, have you been using it?" and even copied a bit from my DSA assessment about this.

Which I guess I never read carefully enough. And the training I got on that software was entirely about other things, OCRing actual paper documents. No one told me it'd work with PDFs or other computer files, or showed me how to do that.

I just tried it and it works.

And I'm really upset about it. I can't even read; I can't concentrate because I'm so emotional about how long I have strugged, without enough support. Without anyone going through my DSA report with me. Without good training. (I had to find the CD and re-install the software myself since the training people just re-imaged my computer last summer.) Without this even being mentioned by my previous advisor when I asked her the same question last year!

All my suffering and frustration and struggle, and the means to fix it was on a CD in the desk drawer next to me all this time.

Later I will be relieved and happy that it works (well mostly; it's still buggering up the IPA in my phonology textbook! but that is to be expected). But for now, I'm teary and I can't bear to read anything just yet.
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Couple weeks ago I'd volunteered for a Ph.D.'s experiment. He couldn't say much about it beforehand without biasing the results so all I knew when I headed in was that I was going to listen to some sounds with electrodes on my head. Ah psycholinguistics!

I get £20 for a couple hours of this, though! I was promised chocolate or drinks along the way but it turns out the cafe in that building closed early today, so I was very sleepy by the end of it, and sad about the lack of coffee. As was the researcher, bless him, who'd been teaching at nine and still had to hang around for at least an hour after I left around five.

The electrodes are all in a little cap, like a swimming cap full of holes they get put in (there are two sizes of cap because it has to fit well, so I got my head measured! "fifty-eight centimeters," he said, then for some reason "I only do metric, not inches." I said I'd had no idea how many inches or centimeters around my head is so this was just fine with me). Most of the email I got explaining the details of this experiment were about the saline gel they put on your head and how this is harmless but messes up your hair. I needed tons of it too, as once again I got a "I've never seen it do that before!" response from the guy when he plugged the electrodes in: the signal was so noisy he wasn't sure I'd be able to take part in the experiment at all. But first he and his assistant tried MOAR GEL everywhere, and that worked!

I didn't have to do anything in this experiment. Indeed, I wasn't supposed to do anything: you have to sit very still because the electrodes pick up on everything your brain does, including things like blinking. The sounds were in pairs, in a rhythmic pattern with pauses in between each pair, and I was instructed to blink in the pauses. Heh. I didn't think I managed it very well, and I was worried my nystagmus might fuck things up too because it goes bananas in the kind of half-dim light I was in, but I didn't mention it and he didn't mention it. I suppose he's looking at different parts of the brain. In one of the longer breaks (I got 30-second breaks every minute and a half, and breaks as long as I wanted every ten minutes) the guy said the data was looking really clean, so it's nice to see their extra work with gel and electrode placement had paid off for them.

At the end he could tell me what he's studying: it's apparently known that our brain throws out certain kinds of "error messages" if we hear something off, like "I study pizza" instead of "I eat pizza" or "I'm going to studied tonight" instead of "I'm going to study tonight." This guy wants to know if the same kinds of things happen if the words aren't real words. So I listened to the same couple of nonsense words for aaaaaages, and at the end I did notice subtle differences in them, like one sound out of the six in the word sometimes had changed. He was even able to show me a graph on his computer of my brain noticing the deviations from the pattern, which is pretty badass.

When I got out of there, I found the job I'd applied for (by which I mean Andrew did most of the work of it because by the time we remembered about it it was the deadline and I was on a date) last week has invited me to an interview. Now I actually have to put in the research and stuff. And find out where the place is (it looks hella confusing on google maps but [personal profile] diffrentcolours knows where it is so that's reassuring). And find some interview clothes.

It's for an immigration/refugee charity, working on campaigns particularly to end indefinite detention. It'll fit around uni because it's only a day a week and it's flexible. It might have to take over from my current PA-for-disabled-person job, but I'll figure that out if I need to. Having had a bunch of interviews in 2016 and 2017 and no luck with any of htem (that's why I ended up going to university!), I find myself assuming I won't get it. Not in a I-need-reassurance way: I don't need this job and it's nice to be in a position where it'll be cool if I get it but I won't have to juggle so much if I don't, so it's a win either way.
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If there's one thing I've learned since I moved to the UK, it's that Brits love telling me about how they talk differently from other people.

Remember how popular the NY Times dialect mapping was a few months ago when that did a UK/Ireland version? A class I'm in is doing some similar mapping and we need data!

So if you're a native English speaker who spent at least your childhood (ages 4 to 13) in the UK, you'd be helping us out if you go to http://tinyurl.com/DialectSurvey2019 and answer a few questions. Something I just noticed, though: the only gender options offered are male, female and prefer not to say, and you have to pick one. Sorry. There are Reasons for this, but it still sucks. I don't blame anyone who doesn't want to do the survey on that basis.

(England is better represented than other parts of the UK so far, and I know I have some friends who grew up elsewhere in the UK, so consider yourselves particularly looked-at-with-a-hopeful-expression.)

And whether or not you fit the survey criteria, you can still help me out by sharing the link if you'd like to do that.


(We're actually going to be doing some cool science with the results we get, which I'm sure to talk about once it's done.)
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Skipped out of my phonology lecture halfway through. An hour of word jazz was all I could take today, especially as it was so damn cold in that room. It's been fine before so I don't know what was wrong today. I put my jacket back on after a few minutes and I ended up sitting on my fingers to warm them up, which isn't conducive to note-taking.

Wasn't much better when I got home. The timer doesn't work for our thermostat so a day when I'm out from 10-5:30 leaves the always-overheating Andrew unlikely to think to put it on. I had to put another sweatshirt over the sweatshirt I'd already been wearing. Meanwhile he hasn't even bothered to put on a t-shirt at all today.

Going to bed now, with all the duvets and a warm little dog.


Mar. 20th, 2019 09:02 pm
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Six or so hours of sleep, followed by a three-hour class...

...but actually it was good: the lecture was on something I'm really interested in (language shift and maintenance, ftr), the small-group bit involved us getting the feedback that we didn't last week on our lit review so now we can get on with the field work we said we were going to do. Which means I don't have to go to this class any more; for the rest of the semseter we can do the project during that time and, if we e-mail to say so, get marked as attending. So I shouldn't have such early starts on a Wednesday, and if I do at least I only have to go to Stockport, a place it's easy to get a bus to!

Then I got home and spent most of the next few hours in long overdue housework. Andrew helped tidy, I swept and mopped the kitchen, did laundry, Andrew and Gary hid upstairs while I hoovered. I didn't really have the energy for this but it was motivated by Andrew's mum and sister coming up this afternoon. The plan ended up being that they just picked us up and we went out to for a meal with them and Andrew's niece, so they didn't even see the place, but it still felt good to come back to a relatively okay house. (I got some good tips from my friend Kat on ways to de-fur the place too, which is great because Gary sheds so much I'm always amazed he has any fur left.)

Went for the meal, baby screaming in a car for an hour and any time she stopped Andrew's sister whinged about driving and the traffic. It was nice to see them, however tiring.

I got back in time for the second half of an online Lib Dems meeting. Which I'm still in.

I'm going to go to uni tomorrow not having had a chance to catch up on the fact that I couldn't do the thing we learned in last week's tutorial (I think my laptop just cannot handle that big a pivot table!). I'll have to throw myself on the mercy of the tutor, but luckily she is very nice. I have work to catch up on in that class, and lectures I missed that I need to watch the videos of.
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So last week I slept through my group-project class and one of the many consequences of that was that I wasn't reminded that the deadline for our literature review was Friday.

When I was doing extra work Thursday afternoon, in Salford at a PIP assessment, I got a message saying the other three were in a cafe on campus working on this thing and I could join them if I was free. I said I wasn't but it was only when they said they wanted to submit it that night that I realized it was due the next day, at noon. I was completely devoid of spoons by the time I got home (gosh it is nice writing something every day, because then with ongoing things I can get all "as you know..." with links and stuff). They woke me up at 2am with messages to the group, because they were still working on the paper.

But we already got the feedback today in class. My group got 65, which we're all pretty happy with. From what I overhead from the lecturer and tutor (who spent the second half of class going around talking to the small groups individually; they didn't get to ours though), this was graded really tough and apparently had started out tougher on the tutor's part. There were some sad faces around the room! So I'm relieved ours didn't have to be among them.

I had a moment of sheer panic too, when I went to TurnItIn to get the feedback and instead was greeted with a page that made it look like I hadn't submitted anything at all. That was the last thing I needed -- my confidence is still so shaken from that class I barely passed. But it turns out that this was due to A Computer Thing that also meant only some of us were getting marks and comments. I got neither, M got the feedback comments, and N got our mark. So if it wasn't for them I wouldn't know what'd happened! (Actually I think the 65 did turn up for me eventually, but the comments still haven't last time I checked; that's okay because we all looked at them on M's laptop.)

It was a huge relief to me that my group doesn't hate me, that we got a good grade, and now that I'm not panic-ridden in looking at it, I've skimmed our paper (yes the one I already handed in, shut up) and my contribution doesn't feel as woefully inadequate as it did. It's still not awesome but it's less bad than it looked at first.

It also got us one of the two green -- positive -- bits of feedback to go along with the million yellow ones that said things like "vague." I thought to look up and include something that actually got mentioned in the lecture today so I was proud of independently coming up with it. When N pointed out my bit of green, I said "I just went for quality over quantity," because I thought it'd make him laugh, and it did.

The relief was enough to exhaust me -- I'm running entirely on stress lately, so when it goes away I just flop. I've done some laundry, made a meal with vegetables in it, started making lists for packing for Lib Dem Conference at the weekend, but that's about it for the rest of the day except for lots of reading-for-fun. I had two big deadlines last week so I'm crashing a bit this week.
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End of February already! I'm still thinking of this as a new semester but we're coming to the end of Week 5, so that's almost halfway through the teaching.

Today I had a seminar full of "sociolinguistics is just about getting computers to do things."* Then my little group went out to take pictures of signs in public places. We did not find enough and were wandering around for almost three hours. The boys half my age seemed fine, but I'm so tired and sore now (especially from carrying around the backpack that has my huge laptop in it, because I'd just been learning to get computers to do things) that I have to miss the dance class tonight that I really wanted to go to because it was so much fun last week.

Our group is supposed to have a draft of this paper we haven't started writing ready by Wednesday, I've got a sociolinguistic interview to transcribe and code (which I don't know how to do yet) for Thursday, and an actual piece of assessed coursework in that class due on Friday.

I have a rare weekend "off" (except for working on Sunday) so hopefully I can make some progress there. I really have to: my weekdays seem so busy and tiring and next weekend is going to be busy.

* Last week I expressed this in meme form on Mastodon:
Me: I love sociolinguistics but I hate doing it. How can this be?

Also me: Oh it's just computers. I already knew I hated computers.

Okay now that makes sense.
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First semester grades finally appeared today.

I got 80 in the most interesting class with the most supportive lecturer.

I got 68 in the one I've been complaining about all semester. I shed sweat and tears if not blood for that.

And I got 43 for the other one. I was not expecting that. I did well on my essay (high 60s I think). The exam didn't seem any harder than the others but I must have totally bombed it. I am unsettled by the bad result but also by how little it seems to fit. If I knew I'd bombed the exam this'd be one thing. But I hadn't thought I did. So I feel a bit blindsided really.

I was expecting this and the 68 one to both be in the 50s and I was miserable enough at that idea. This result might be no worse for my eventual grade point total but it's a lot worse for my mental health.

Which has not been good lately anyway.
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I woke up at 4am and couldn't get back to sleep. I was at work and uni for a combination of seven hours today. Which I know is only a work day for a lot of people, but it's a lot for me.

Especially when I had to find the new room for my lecture. Which I did manage. It's a weird building, an old one that has been (is being?) renovated. So the lecture theatre was like halfway up a set of stairs. The lecturer did that thing again where he asked us near the end "would it be all right if I kept you till, say, three minutes to the hour?" (we're supposed to finish at ten to) and then just did it. Who's going to say no?

I was sorely tempted to, though. Not only can I not hear anything after 2:50 anyway because the hallways outside get so noisy with students who have been let out on time, not only is it stressful for me to feel rushed when I have to pack up my laptop, make sure I've got all my things in my two bags, and juggle my cane to get out of the room, but today the staircase was lined on both sides with kids waiting to get in for their lecture. I really dislike having to do stairs where I can't hang on to a railing or at least lean on a wall or something. And there was no other apparent exit from the room -- I have no idea what a person who needed step-free access would do.

He also did that "I am neither autistic nor a sociopath" line again. So I'm going to have to say something. I am not looking forward to that but it needs doing. I got Andrew to find me a good link to send him about how autistic people do have theory of mind for fucks sake. Just need to amass some spoons before I can email him.
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I think it only says I need "electronic access" to readings in my disability support plan and that needs to be clearer so I can complain better when I need to.

Because the textbook being "available" as images on a website where I can't even download it for more than a few days is not acceptable but it is "electronic."

And after being so relieved that I found everywhere I needed to go this week, I learn (yes on a weekend but that's only because I didn't check my email yesterday)that one of my lectures has been moved to another buliding I've never heard of. It's on Monday so there isn't even really time to find it beforehand. If I work on Monday morning I might not have time to find it at all. I had about five minutes to eat lunch last week and that's when I knew where I was going -- and lunch was necessary as otherwise I have no chance to eat between 10am and 3pm (at which point, I can promise I won't have remembered anything about my lecture because I will be TOO HUNGRY).

I already have to leave work early on Mondays, which last week meant I left without getting an essential task done in order to get to uni in time for that lecture.

Fuck it; I'll skip the lecture and add that to the list of reasons hy the disability services are disabling me. I can always catch up; it's recorded. But I really hate not being there. It's bad for my mental health. Especially when I missed the seminar for that class yesterday. Especially when I'll miss the lecture for the stupid reason that my uni's diability services are disabling me.

I despair. I really fucking do. I do not have the energy to deal with these things that keep happening.
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I was so so miserable about uni this morning. I was really stressed about not knowing where my rooms were, even though today wasn't too bad (it was two buildings I know, so even though I didn't know the particular room I thought I could find it okay -- and I was only wrong 50% of the time!). Tomorrow and Wednesday and Thursday are going to be the real problems.

I'm still so mad at DASS for answering my email only with "your advisor isn't in today so nothing can be done about this unless you make an appointment." As it turns out, I spent the other four days of last week mired in illness as well as exams and couldn't have gotten to an appointment even if I'd had time to make one before the illness set in, but I didn't. Even if I had, though, it was really too late to get the support in place and that hadn't ever previously been my problem to chase up.

First lecture was phonology. I sat between two friendly people who chatted to me a little (one knew my name but I don't recognize her!). The lecturer seemed okay, he was giving us really good information about the class (the kind I wish was more available when we had to choose the classes!). But then he said something weird, something like "And I am not autistic or a sociopath." I was very confused but he went on to explain that he knows some of the work will be difficult for us, which means he has theory of mind so that's why he's not autistic. Like I can't remember verbatim but he definitely spelled out that he has theory of mind so that means he cannot be autistic. I don't know how obvious my Very Displeased expression was from the front row, but it didn't break his stride anyway. (The sociopath bit was about how he wasn't going to be mean in the work he assigned for us, or something? It was just a totally unnecessary way to frame two perfectly good points (that I only remember vaguely because my brain was too busy Being Angry to record good memories at that point).)

Then I have an hour to kill before my next lecture. I went to buy some chooclate in hopes of staying awake for it -- I'd woken up about five this morning, and I'd gone to work before uni, whihc is a new thing I'm trying this semester. Even the weekday that I worked last semester, it was after uni was done for that day rather than before it, so we'll see how this goes. My job isn't hard but I do find myself really tired a lot of the time afterwards. Hopefully I'm just used to being able to go home and flop and I can be okay without that. If it proves too much for me though, I can always cut down my work days, but I hate to do that while L is still short of PAs.

Anyway, I bought chocolate, Stuart called so I talked to him for the first time in ages (he's been very ill so it was nice to hear he is better), and then...went to the wrong room for my next lecture. Bah.

I didn't know much about this class either but it turns out to be the combination of my two favorite kinds of linguistics: it's historical sociolinguistics! Sociolinguistics does mean a lot of spreadsheets and statistics and stuff, which is pretty intimidating for me. All our tutorials will be on computers so I talked to the lecturer at the end about the logistics of using my own. She asked if I had assignment extensions and since this is another class where there's going to be tutorial work every week I had flashbacks to Theory of Grammar but when I said I did, she said, "Good, I was going to tell you to get them if you didn't." That's better! She also said that whule there are some fixed deadlines (where all the students will be doing little bits of a big task that will then be collected into useful data), they'll just not use mine if I don't get it done in time. And she says maybe she can give me the work for the deadlines earlier so maybe I can have extra time and still meet them. But only because I said I'd like to contribute to the big project if I can. It's nice to know that if those deadlines happen at times I'm too busy/ill, I won't have to worry about them.

She did her ableist thing too: near the beginning of the lecture this loud crackly noise started intermittently coming out of the speakers. She ended up turning off the microphone and saying "Can everyone hear me?" which is bullhsit because it's hard to speak up if you can't! Also it means that the podcast recording won't feature hardly any of the audio (and the slides weren't much information on their own) so I was having to take really frantic notes to try to keep up.

Okay I'm off to a spoken word night with some friends, so that's all I have time for today!
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Finished my exams!

Actually don't feel as dreadful as I did the last two days!

Now I'm officially halfway done with my degree, I've done a year and a half of the three years.

My plan is to enjoy my weekend but as soon as I got home I caught myself thinking okay, what do I have to do now? Between uni and Christmas and work and home it seems like there has been something being demanded of me every day, sometimes every hour, for more than a month.

I'd really love a break, but classes start again on Monday.

With impeccable timing, [personal profile] angelofthenorth is hosting a love meme, so you can go here to say nice things about me if you want.
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Fucking disabled student's office.

I know DSA [Disabled Students Allowance, for the whole country] will refund my costs for ink and paper for my printer, and a while ago when I had to buy more of both I asked DASS [Disability Advisory and Support Service, at my uni] how to do it. You pick up a form from us, they said. Great, so I did that.

I just got around to looking at it (I left it a while; I got it before Christmas) and it's...just a form to apply for DSA. What the hell. Either the person at reception didn't listen poperly or didn't care or what. Now I feel stupid for not checking more carefully at the time.

But it's okay because I have to go over there anyway. Because I haven't heard anything this semester about the "sighted guide" support I'm supposed to have in finding my classes and they start next week. In my experience so far these people have been useless enough it's taken a couple of weeks to get things sorted out with them. I again feel stupid for not having realized sooner but W from DASS has always been proactive in getting in touch with me, finding out how much support I need, and arranging it with the company this has, inevitably, been outsounrced to. I could try getting in touch with them myself but with no funding agreed, which DASS has to confirm, I don't think they'll talk to me.

So I emailed the main info@DASS address today and just got a reply saying my advisor isn't in today and I should make an appointment. It wasn't my advisor who was arranging this anyway! I don't know if the person who has been doing this isn't there any more either, or what.

Everything DASS does is completely incomprehensible to the likes of me anyway. My advisr changed a few months ago and I've had no contanct at all with the new one. I've never managed to book an appointment successfully; they don't make it easy! You have to either be there in person or ring them, and in my experience you've had to do one or the other of those things at 10am on a Thursday. Ringing at 10:30 was too late. Ringing at 10 and leaving a message, and then having them call you back, was too late. Maybe it's different now during exams, less busy.

I have an exam on Wednesday (in the same buildilng DASS is in) so I might try going along early to get the right form and see if I can make an appointment. But it'll be too late then anyway! I'm looking at my schedule now thinking things like I've never even heard of this building! and oh no this is another bit of the labyrithine Elizabeth Wilkinson building isn't it... I am going to just have to turn up hella early to everything the first week, and I'll be a bundle of stress when/if I do ever find my lectures! I hate getting lost.

+ + - ~

Jan. 13th, 2019 09:32 pm
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+ I got my essay done and submitted! Since I couldn't find a time, just the date, for the deadline, I didn't want to risk handing it in on the last day so it needed to be done tonight. Especially since the deadlines are usually either noon or midnight and if it was noon I'd be at work then anyway.

+ Faffing around with TurnItIn reminded me my typology lecturer said she should have our essays for that class (the one I had to have done right before we flew to Minnesota) graded by the end of this week (i.e. Friday) so I went and checked and yep, I got 68% on that!

- I wrote an FB update to this effect, ending with "Just in time for me to start revision for my exams! I've got a week. It should be fine." With a little tongue-out emoji to prove that I do not think it will be fine.

But this inspired me to check my actual exam timetable again, which I hadn't looked at since before Christmas I think, and it turns out I'd slightly mis-remembered: yes two of my exams are next week. But one, the one for The Hardest Class, is Thursday.

Considering that there's no way I can start thinking about it in the state I'm in now (I've been mis-reading social media updates because I am still stuck in Middle English orthography rules), and my plan to have a big drink and go to bed asap, this means I have functionally three days to study for that. The hardest one.

~ But it occurred to me that even if I'd remembered the date correctly, I wouldn't have had time to fit in much more studying right now, or brain-space to switch gears between the historical linguistics essay and the lexical-functional grammar revising. So maybe in a way it's good that I wasn't stressing myself out over something I couldn't do much about?
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Ugh, this weekend has turned into a race between me finishing my essay and the sinus infection really setting in.

I'm afraid the sinus infection is going to win, as I still have 700 words left to do and the first 700 took me three days.


hollymath: Selfie: white person, three-quarter profile, smiling, brown hair shaved on the side we can see, chin-length on the other (Default)

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